Bob Knight resigns as the coach of Texas Tech

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In a surprising move, Bob Knight resigned today as the coach of Texas Tech. He let on no indication that he planned on resigning as the Coach so this comes as a huge shock to everyone. The winningest coach in college basketball history leaves behind a legacy of wins, national championships, profanity and angry refs who got cursed out.

Texas Tech will be coached by his son who he announced a few years ago would be his successor there. This decision came so soon so that the Texas Tech players would be able to learn Pat Knights new system by next year and so that at the beginning of next year, everything wouldn’t be completely new to them.

“I’ve never really known when I was going to step down from this job. As I thought about it, my first thought was at the end of this season,” Knight told the Lubbock paper. “My thinking was .. the best thing for the long run for this team would be for Pat and his staff to coach these remaining 10 games.”

I don’t know that Bobby Knight will never coach again but if this is the end of the road for him, thank you so much for all the memories. All the young people you touched, or hit or cursed at. Bobby Knight was the most self absorbed, ignorant, crude, white trash coach in history but we loved him for it and he was able to become one of the greatest coaches ever. Here are some of the top Bobby Knight sound bites ever:

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