Bong Of The Day: iVapor Trippy Stick

Shout out to Greenie Alex for sending in this shot of a new smoking tool that is catching on rather quick here in the Bay Area, CA. This is a very cool product, it is a hash oil vape pen. Now I’ve been looking around for the manufacturers website but have come up empty handed. With some research though I found that you can get one of these bad boys from a few dispensaries in San Francisco; The Hemp Center, The Green Door and  Ocean Collective and for our Berkeley Greenies, check out Berkeley Patients’ Care Collective.

I don’t know for sure but from the sounds of it these Trippy Sticks cost somewhere between $80-$120 and the hash oil replacement cartridges go for around $35-$45. Each cartridge is said to be the equivalent to an eighth of flower, Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush seem to be the only strains available at the moment with rumor of a Sour Diesel cartridge each boosting about having a THC content in the high 80%

The real cool part about this particular product is that it is rechargeable via USB and it is so portable and discrete that you can literally sesh anywhere! I have tried a similar product that goes by the name One Love (a disposable hash oil vape pen) at The SF Medical Cannabis Cup. It was so flavorful and there was almost no exhale smell so you could totally get away with sneaking a toke in public places with little chance of people catching on. Hit the jump for a video of Wiz Khalifa being introduced to the Trippy Stick.

Bong of the Day” is where I feature a cool new smoking tool everyday. It is not always a bong though. It will include pipes, vaporizers, or whatever else you like to use to smoke that sweet Mary Jane, as well as a link to where you can buy it (if it’s available). If you have a cool bong (including homemade bongs) that you would like to see featured here hit me up on twitter or email me at


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