Bong Of The Day: The Snowball Bowl (Video)

Have you ever been out in the snow and had no pipe or bowl to smoke your weed? Leave it to some Michigan snowboard stoners to figure out what to do. This guy made a snowball into a pipe to smoke the rest of their roaches. It definitely is a well working pipe. It is air tight, chilled and easy to get rid of. This is some sort of stealth smoking at its finest. This could come in handy in Colorado since they tore down a huge wooden built, stoner smoke spot.

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Thank agnarchy, the coolest Mid-West snowboarder around. If you’re a boarder, even a skier, you will love his site.

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  1. spoiled_sport February 28, 2014 at 11:49

    I did this 30 years ago in my youth. Very cool toke. Used cigarette foil with pinholes as a bowl so snow wouldn’t melt as quickly and get pot wet. Used screwdriver or stick to make stem-hole.

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