Book Review: “Beyond Buds” by Ed Rosenthal

HMJ is humbled to have been invited to review Ed Rosenthal’s newest offering, Beyond Buds.


There are very few things reliable in this life, but here’s one. Every time a new chapter opens in the story of cannabis Ed Rosenthal will have scouted ahead and written a guide for those of us following along. Beyond Buds carries on Ed’s lifetime of service to the plant and those who use, consume, worship, respect and love the amazing cannabis sativa l.

“Concentrated cannabis may be the future of marijuana
as a medicine and as a recreational substance.”

That premise launches a tour of a new world coming into focus. First we visit familiar black-and-white places, like kief,hash and the state of vaporizing. But in only a few pages we arrive in colorful Oz . . . just what is “dabbing?”

“Many people consider dab culture a liability to the overall
legalization of marijuana, noting how the media have dubbed it
“the crack” of pot. The analogy is incorrect. Dabs are more
like the espresso or hard liquor of pot.”

With the cannabis plant as-yet re-legalized only here and there, the spectrum of new products, new technology, and quite likely, new effects is all the more impressive. Will you dab butane extracts or prefer non-solvent concentrates? Why does CO2 extraction produce such a clean concentrate? Beyond Buds has chapters on each. There is separate focus on tinctures, canna capsules, edibles and topicals. All flowing from a plant outlawed for over eighty years.

The beautiful photography throughout the book continues another of Ed’s traditions. Many people will get their first-ever view of wax, honeycomb, shatter and clear in these pages. High end rigs and tools for everyday use; glass for when company comes over and the everyday stuff. All here. All wonderfully photographed and reproduced on quality pixels. Ditto for paper images too, I’m sure.

Don’t wander around lost in our re-legalized future when a guide book this good is right at hand. Beyond Buds will make you an informed citizen in our exciting tomorrow.

You can order a copy of Beyond Buds if you GO HERE.

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