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I wish all my headlines could be that alliterative.  So remember that crazy father we showed you last week?  He might be having a harder time fitting in with his age demographic.  Recent reports from both CBS News and the local Animal New York and then co-opted by the CBS News blog all agree that your parents (if you’re under 30) are toking up.  Check out the evidence after the jump.

The CBS News report makes an interesting case for the marijuana trend amongst the boomer generation.  Here are some numbers CBS was using as evidence.  They think that the use of illicit drugs, not just the the ganja, is going to double by 2010.

• 8.5 percent of men aged 50 to 54 had used marijuana in the last year (as opposed to only 3.9 percent of women in this age group).

• Marijuana use was more common than non-medical use of prescription drugs among males 50 and older, (4.2 vs. 2.3 percent), but among females the rates of marijuana use and non-medical use of prescription drugs were similar (1.7 and 1.9 percent).

• Although marijuana use was more common than non-medical use of prescription drugs for adults age 50 to 59, among those aged 65 and older, nonmedical use of prescription drugs was more common than marijuana use

So my parents are toking, but my lone grandma is probably refraining.  Female boomers just aren’t getting Lit Up.  This site is is named Hail Mary Jane, and we f__kin’ do! Please don’t stop toking ladies.  You make my life so much more bearable.  Smoke on you little smokettes.

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