Boost Mobile Sucks

This is by far one of the most disturbing commercials I’ve seen in a while. Seeing man boobs does not make me want to buy a cell phone at all.  If anything, it will make me want to run as far away from the phones and anyone who uses one.  If you combine this one and this post from earlier, there are way too many naked men on my site today. Somethings wrong with that.

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  1. Monaco July 4, 2010 at 07:51


    For some ungodly reason, the new Boost phones only get 3 rings before it goes to voicemail AND YOU CANNOT CHANGE IT. Since you don't have enough time to get to the phone, you can never set it down. Hell, I can hardly get the phone out of my pocket before it goes to voicemail. Maybe they cannot afford to let it ring 5 or 6 times???

    As far as talk time goes, Boost Mobile phones have the Wost Battery Life EVER. (Thanks Motorola). I have had the i290, i356 and currently the i465. They all need daily charging. Now here's where the problems start- how can you charge your phone when you're supposed to be wearing it??? The simple answer is: YOU CAN'T, so you find yourself running across the room, knocking things and people over to answer your phone on the 3rd ring. Next.

    Those annoying calls from "Private" and "Anonymous" people (stalkers) are here to stay. That's right, there is no option or way to disable calls from blocked or private numbers on boost mobile phones.

    4) BITCH SLAP!
    I have experienced some bad customer service in my time, but Boost Mobile takes the cake. They simply DO NOT LIKE PEOPLE and talking to customers is OUT OF THE QUESTION. The customer service hotline is set up to make sure that you NEVER GET A REPRESENTATIVE. There is a specific key sequence of oh… 25-30 or so keys that you have to press and even if you know which ones they are, you STILL have to wait until the robot is done telling you ALL THE MENU OPTIONS. If you press the button while he's talking, he'll tell you to wait until he's done talking and then start over. Make one single mistake and he will terminate your call and tell you to call back later. Once you get a rep on the phone THERE'S NOTHING THEY CAN DO FOR YOU BECAUSE THEY DON'T KNOW SHIT! "Call Motorola" is their universal answer to all things.

    God, I hate Boost. Stupid chirp is the only reason I bought the phone.

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