Unfortunately, HBO cancelled the television comedy BORED TO DEATH. The show focuses on Jonathan Ames, the fictional version of the real writer. Two sentences in, and you’re going, “as a stoner, why do I care?” Well, stuff this list in your pipe and smoke it: 

1) POT-FRIENDLY. The main characters do a lot of quirky things but most of all… they smoke weed! A lot!
2) PROTAGONISTS. Jonathan Ames neurotically wants to expand his writing through freelance detective work. At every juncture he is met with silly characters that parody the best of the detective genre. Comic book writer, Ray Hueston, seems to spend time in his own childish universe. George Christopher is a self-obsessed socialite. They all write, are moderately successful, and smoke weed.
3) LOCATION. New York. Yeah, I know. Another show set in New York? Sure, there are other places in America besides California and New York. I think this New York works well. In Ames’ city people spout their life stories within five minutes of meeting each other. I don’t know where you live, but I can’t get out of Wal-Mart because of the line of people with too much personal information.
4) SMART. Most of the time comedies and marijuana equal stupid. No matter the entertainment incarnation, if a “lovable loser” smokes pot, we’re focusing on the “loser” part. BORED TO DEATH chooses quick, erudite dialogue packed with parody.
5) HEART. There’s a movement in comedy back to entertainment with heart. No matter the problem, each character comes through for the other. Ames knows when to tactfully employ sentimentality.
BORED TO DEATH had low ratings. Yeah, HBO proves a little too expensive a luxury but definitely enjoy three seasons worth on DVD.


Images sources the gaurdian and huffpost tv

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Author: Kaleb

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