Boston Cops Trick Rally Goers Into Being Searched

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The BPD capturing the celebration.
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As we noted before, this past weekend saw a very successful Boston Freedom Rally. However the Boston Police Department just did not want to be part of the fun.  After video taping the main stage, for reasons unknown to rally organizers and attendees, the BPD began doing something quite unexpected.

It was a pretty safe bet going into Saturday morning that there would be a lot of police and a lot of tickets, but then things just get weird. The police start bringing people to a tent over by the second stage to be searched. Most of the rally goers are were unaware of this as events started to transpire. The police essentially started tricking people into being searched for something that isn’t criminal.

Since Question Two made marijuana possession in Massachusetts a civil fine, there is no legal grounds for officers to search you just because they give you a citation.  It would be like a cop standing next to a car he gave parking ticket, waiting for the owner to comeback, and telling him he was going to search it. Many people, of the 1o0 ticketed by midday, were unaware of their rights to not be searched and ended up being  brought to this tent.

Eventually MASSCANN President Keith Saunders jumped on stage and handled the situation. After explaining what was going on Saunders implored the crowd not to go anywhere with the police, simply because they just didn’t have to. MassCann is in the process of setting up the email Hopefully a more effective know your rights strategy can be in place next year to keep rally goers safe from the BPD’s antics.

We’ll update the info once the bright legal minds over at NORML have figured this out.

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Author: Redankulous

An improper Bostonian with a journalism degree and love of pure sativas.

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