“Branding” Cannabis

With re-legalization and the return of cannabis to legit commercial activity, the emergence of a few brands of cannabis seems inevitable.  It’s the framework of the marketplace.  Branding is a popular topic of discussion around Hail Mary Jane.  Here’s the next page in an on-going story.

DENVER – After years of developing proprietary genetics and taking a painstaking approach to growing the highest quality marijuana, one of the state’s top growers has branded its sought after product as Veritas Fine Cannabis. Distribution of the marijuana as a branded product began last week, and Veritas is now available at dispensaries throughout the state including Oasis Cannabis Superstore, Lightshade, Rocky Mountain Cannabis, B Good and Emerald Fields . . . Since its launch one year ago, the product quickly grew in popularity to its current distribution in approximately 10% of the state’s dispensaries. As demand for the product grew, so did requests for consumers to easily identify the product, regardless of where it is sold.

“It’s the natural evolution of the industry,” says Tobias Ripsom, co-owner of Veritas. “Consumers and wholesalers are identifying their preferred product after discovering their preferences for high quality marijuana. We are meeting that demand by branding our cannabis so that no matter where our consumers are buying from, they are receiving our same premium marijuana they have come to favor with total consistency. We always have been, and always will be, product forward and customer-first.”
. . .
The growers of Veritas consistently focus on cultivating new and seasonal strains, while maintaining its heirloom offerings. The company currently offers 10 different strains of gourmet cannabis, with seasonal additions procured to complement the various activities Colorado has to offer throughout the year. Each strain is labeled according to its look, smell, taste and effect and includes THC/CBD content as well as other cannabinoids, verified by independent testing.

A sampling of Veritas’ award winning strains that are now available include the popular Sueno, which is a take on Blue Dream; OG Sin, which is the growers’ highest THC sativa that consistently tests above 30 percent; and Bubba White, a high testing indica that is known to relax sore muscles and help provide relief for those looking to unwind.

Learn more about Veritas HERE

To go from a time of smoking whatever was to be found, to only smoking what I know I like?  Let’s do that.  Nice packaging.

[image: directcannabisnetwork.com]

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