Breaking Down the NBA Trades

Listed below are the trades that mattered this past week in the National Basketball Association.  If you don’t follow the NBA, then skip this post and go read sabs or the other fine writers on this site.  If you are an NBA fan, then read below, and feel free to leave a comment about what an idiot I am, and how much smoke I’ve blown up my own ass.

The Knicks Nate Robinson and Marcus Landry to Boston for Eddie House and two people you’ve never heard of-Great move for both the Knicks and the Celtics; although, the Celtics still aren’t going to get out of the second round of the playoffs.  At least Robinson won’t be the churlish hyperactive shooter in a point guard’s body now that he is being supervised by Garnett and Pierce.  Eddie House will probably take to the Seven Seconds or Less

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philosophy of Knick coach Mike D’Antoni

Kevin Martin to Houston-This probably makes sense on paper, and Simmon’s, who knows the NBA pretty well, thinks Rockets GM, Daryl Morey is the cat’s pajamas.  That being said, I just don’t like Kevin Martin.  He seems too scrawny to handle the wear and tear of an NBA season, especially when you consider he has never once been a starter on a playoff team.  Also, his jump shot, while it goes in quite a bit, looks god awful.

T-Mac to NYK I think T-Mac is past his prime, and he always took too many jumpers when he should have been driving to the hole.  Then there’s that terrible thing where he’s never been past the first round EVER, and when he went down for the 1,254th time last year, the Rockets went on to get out of the first round.  So that doesn’t exactly speak volumes about him as a winning playoff basketball player.  He is pretty good though, and if his opening night in a Knick uniform is any indication, he should give him them some good minutes this year.  He’s in the final year of his contract, so the Knicks picked him up for the inevitable contract dump.  He might trick Donnie Walsh, the Knicks GM, into thinking he can ball again, and then fuck his knee up two weeks after signing a new 3 year contract with the Knicks.  The only reason I say this is because I’m a Knick fan, and I don’t really have a lot of optimism about them, even after freeing up so much money for the Lebron sweepstakes this summer.

Carl Landry and Joey Porter to SacramentoCarl Landry was a nice find for Daryl Morey, and it’s a good pick up for a Sacramento team that is going to start over with Tyreke “I had no idea he was this good” Evans.  I think Joey Porter played at Oklahoma in college, but I don’t care, so I’m not gonna look it up.  The deal was mainly for Landry and Porter was probably thrown in to make the contracts match.

Tyrus Thomas to Charlotte BobcatsRecent news that Michael Jordan is trying to buy majority control of the Bobcats doesn’t have much to do with this decision, but any time I can get the GOAT into a post, I will.  Thomas had fallen out of favor in Chicago with the emergence of Joakim Noah as a strong presence down low.  He is a high energy post player that can block, rebound and dunk an occasional alley-oop, which is exactly what Charlotte needed, but I think Tyson Chandler can do everything Thomas does and better, but I think he’s injured.  Charlotte might actually make the playoffs being led by knucklehead extraordinaire’s Stephon Jackson and Gerald Wallace (they currently sit at #7 in the deplorable east).  This is way more than I wanted to write about the Charlotte Bobcats.

Acie Law and Flip Murry to Chicago-Acie Law hasn’t ever impressed me since he was superb at Texas A & M.  Flip Murray can score and doesn’t mind shooting, so he might be a nice little gem for Chicago in the first round when they take on Boston or Orlando or Atlanta.

Antwan Jamison and Sebastian Telfair to Cleveland for Big Z -This was a GREAT move by Danny Ferry.  All the Amare to Cleveland talk was stupid.  Jamison brings them a level-headed dude that can shoot, rebound and defend, so he’ll take some of the offensive pressure off of Bron Bron.  As I write this, I’m markedly aware that after the trade they went on to lose three games in a row as of Monday night, and there have been whispers that they shouldn’t have broken up a team that was on a 13 game win streak.  But, I really think this trade works for them in the long run.  The only question is who is going to start at Power Forward?  Jamison?  J. J. Hickson? Varejao?  With all the foul trouble Shaq gets into these days, I think you gotta start Jamison with Shaq and throw Lebron as small forward and Mo and Delonte or Boobie as guards.  Either way, I still think it’s a win, but it won’t be unless they win everything this year, like they were supposed to last year.

Al Thornton to WashingtonThis was part of the Jamison three team deal, but I think Washington is just planning for the future.  Thankfully, Al Thornton will have a future where he is not a member of the Los Angeles Clippers.  But, the Wizards aren’t any picnic either.

Camby to Portland for Steve Blake and Travis OutlawThis came earlier than most of the other trades on this list, and it’s just another ridiculous move by Mike Dunleavy as GM of the Clippers.  I’ve always hated the strokey whiteness of Steve Blake even when he was winning a title while at Maryland.  I once saw him in an airport in Baltimore (he used to play with the Wizards), and he wasn’t very big or intimidating.  I just don’t like him.  Camby is a great pick up for the injury depleted Trailblazers.  Defense and rebounding were their primary needs with the three losses of Greg Choden, Joel Pryzbilla and Greg Choden’s dignity.

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