Breaking: Marijuana Now Legal Everywhere!

In an move sure to inspire the wrath of the right, President Barack Obama is prepared to legalize marijuana for 18+ year-old citizens of our United States of America.  Read on to find out more…

After the announcement the federal government would stop raiding state sanctioned grow houses and dispensaries, Obama decided it was time to bring full legalization to our fair land.  As of April 20, 2010, all marijuana and marijuana smoking in the United States of America will be legal.

Our national debt is astronomical, and our prisons are over-crowded, so much like the Health Care fight, Obama is willing to take on the tough challenges.  The taxes on America’s newest product are still pending, but you can be rest assured it won’t cost as much as the old variety.

Obama’s advisers thought it only fitting the new law would go into effect on April 20th.  Not only is Team Obama ready for some groundbreaking legislation, but they also appear to have a sense of humor.  The enactment of the law falling on April 1st also seems to be throwing some media people into a tizzie of conjecture about the veracity of the claim.

With all seriousness, this is true.  I’m willing to bet my journalistic integrity on it.  This April 20th, feel free to roll a congratulatory joint and walk out into a world where marijuana use is no longer frowned upon by the law.  You could even offer the nearest 5-0 a toke.

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