Breaking News: Amendment 64 Passes In Colorado!!

The Rocky Mountains just got higher tonight! Hurray for Colorado and their fantastic history breaking moment! This is truly amazing news, not just for Colorado residents, but for the whole country! This will be the first major step in throwing prohibition back in the federal governments faces! We can only hope they don’t come down hard on the states that have experienced these victories. Rock on Rocky Mountain High Colorado! I’m sure there isn’t one toker that will be able to sleep for a week after winning tonight! We here at HMJ congratulate you! Now let’s not all move at once,okay? Hell Yeah in the Mile High-er!

Under Amendment 64, marijuana is taxed and regulated similar to alcohol and tobacco. It gives state and local governments the ability to control and tax the sale of small amounts of marijuana to adults age 21 and older. According to the Associated Press, analysts project that that tax revenue could generate somewhere between $5 million and $22 million a year in the state. An economist whose study was funded by a pro-pot group projects as much as a $60 million boost by 2017.

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