Breaking News: I-502 Passes In Washington!!!

Washington’s I-502 has passed, America! We are truly making marijuana reform history tonite!! Washington is the second state to pass an adult legalization initiative. It shares the spotlight with the Mile even Higher state Colorado! The results show there was only a difference of 179,000 votes to decide the outcome of I-502. This should prove to be a major blow to this generation’s prohibition. Let that drug war wall fall! Remember, Greenie’s, this is how they ended alcohol prohibition, one state at a time. We at HMJ are proud to report this news! Congratulations Washington state tokers! (more…)

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  1. Dan November 13, 2012 at 17:10

    Well hello from the great state of Washington.
    Let me see if i can clear a few things up. Wa decrimalized up to a OZ of weed, we still under this new law can not buy and can not grow any weed. We have to buy from a state store that is not due to open untill sometime in 2013. I502 does not i repeat does not repeal our medical law 69.51 we as medical patients still have the right to grow and possess 15 plants and have up to 24oz of weed at a time. But we now have in place a duid law that says if you have over 5 nano of active THC in your system you will be charged with a duid. And there was no provition for med patients at all. And i502 puts all this in the hands of our state control board who just got out of the alcohol business due to the fact that last year we went voted all state ran liquor stores to be closed and went to the private. so Wa has lost several millions in revinue and this is there way to get this back. We will do all we can to repeal i502 due to some of these facts. Our governor is meeting with the feds tomorrow and we should know more i will keep you all informed.
    Island Medz

  2. SomeoneWhoHurts November 7, 2012 at 05:42

    The feds will never allow this. The dispensaries will be shut down. The government will not sell you weed. Back to the black market for everyone!!!

    1. Yahweh Smokes November 7, 2012 at 10:09

      No! SomeOneWhoHurts, You are on the wrong side of history here. The federal government has better things to do than to destroy the lives of morally decent people over something as stupid as what plants they choose to grow and consume. Erik is right here! The dispensaries will only grow and prosper. The traditional enemies of Weed (essentially, dirty business interests of alcohol and cigarettes and pharmaceuticals) will fade in the background as people realize more and more that their fundamental liberties of choice can indeed be upheld by the democratic processes of an "open" society!

      1. Profile photo of ErikG
        ErikG November 7, 2012 at 12:53

        Nice rebutal! Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a true patriot in our house! Rock on, Yahweh!

      2. MisterMaryJane November 7, 2012 at 11:54

        Thumbs up to Yahweh!

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