Breaking News: Massachusetts Passes Medical Marijuana Measure!!

Congratulations to the future Massachusetts medical marijuana patients for your November 6th victory! We can almost hear the proverbial wall of prohibition starting to fall. We are winning the fight one measure at a time. I promise I could hear the cheers across the country as the announcements were made! This victory is a step in the right direction for Massachusetts and the entire country. Soon to be registered patient Eric McCoy of Boston had this to say about the outcome: “Now that this law has been passed, it will finally be legal and safe for myself and many others in the state to procure the medicine.” It’s good to hear patients like Eric will finally be able to access the one drug the federal government just can’t seem to recognize as medically legitimate.

Hurray all the way across the country! It’s been a stellar night for cannabis reform! We can only anticipate these actions will change minds all across the globe.

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Yahweh Smokes

Erik, Another excellent blog comment by you! As Massachusetts goes, so goes the nation. Now it is the Deep South that our movement must concentrate on. The repressive, inhumane marijuana criminalization laws has devastated our genteel Southern culture. It is these repressive, cruel & savage laws that has grown our prison-industrial complex and the fools in the Republican Party with their bullshit of God, Guns & Glory which masquerade intolerance, hatred and cruel treatment of women, gays & minorities (Blacks, Latinos & Asians)!

Keep up the good work you do, Erik!

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