Breaking News: Some Austrailian Kids Like Weed

Marijuana is shown to be the drug of choice for students in South Australia.

CANNABIS is the drug of choice for students daring to take it on to school grounds, reports show.

In one year schools reported almost 50 serious incidents involving drugs, which are detailed in the reports obtained under Freedom of Information.

In one incident, two students took cannabis to school and mixed it into cookies made during a cooking class. In others, students were caught using and supplying fellow students with the drug on school grounds.

The reports, which detail the drug problems facing schools, reveal 21 cannabis-related incidents, 15 alcohol-related incidents and incidents where students provided others with prescription drugs or had hard-drug paraphernalia.

Those Crazy Aussies. You gotta love them, but I think they may be overreacting a little here. Fifty serious incidents with drugs in 1 school year. FIFTY!! In the whole STATE!! That’s like 1/5 of the country. These people would probably have a heart attack/stroke combo if they saw what went on at my junior high. We had 50 incidents with drugs by lunch time! In my homeroom alone!! Australian people are shocked about 50 in the whole state. Little Timmy in Australia is about to get the death penalty for sprinkling some pot in his cookies in Home Ec, while Little Johnny in America is openly freebasing cocaine before he does his finger paints. What a world.

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