Breaking Stereotypes: The Right Signs To Tell If Your Kid Smokes Marijuana

A lot of families struggle when they find out their child is smoking weed. Most of the time it is in their high school days. Parents either find their weed or get that phone call. It’s come to a huge shock for most of these parents. Maybe not so much in the past few years. Especially to the ones that haven’t or don’t use marijuana. They wonder what signs they’ve missed or where they went wrong. The thing is, they didn’t go wrong and were most likely looking at the wrong signs.

10 Real Signs To Tell If Your Kid Smokes Marijuana

I did some research on what might help you identify whether your child is smoking marijuana. The signs they suggested are so out of date and have been busted for years. Katherine Ketcham, an author of of many books that have to do with teen substance abuse was interviewed by They talked with her about addiction, marijuana and other substance abuse topics. Ketcham stated in the interview the biggest signs to know if your child is using marijuana.

These are the big signs: kids’ grades slip, they change their whole group of friends, they stop playing sports or going to youth group, their personalities change and they become more negative and less approachable. – Katherine Ketcham

First off, I’m going to kill off that “they change their whole group of friends“. Most do not change their group at all, they expand it. You meet so many different kinds of people because of marijuana.

Since that is out of the way, let me decode these “signs” from my personal experiences. Let’s start with they stop playing sports or going to youth group. Within the first year I started smoking marijuana almost everyday was the year I did the most sports in my life. I won nationals for hockey, districts in high school soccer and was top 8 in the state. If your child quits sports. It is most likely something else other than the devil’s lettuce. Smoking weed made sports that much better. It’s cliche but going to warm ups a little toasted was great. I was already happy to be on a field or rink, so the weed made me even happier. Marijuana has never impaired my skills in sports. A lot of my teammates were made I smoked at first. They said it’s going to hurt my skills. I took that to heart. I proved them wrong by coming to just about everyone of our varsity soccer games high as hell. The first game I came stoned. I scored 2 goals. 2 goals in soccer! That’s almost some Messi shit.I kept playing hockey and soccer for 7 years after in beer leagues because I love sport. So get that sports shit out of here. Look at all of the NFL players, Micheal Phelps and all other sports figures that have used.

If your kid has their personalities change and they become more negative and less approachable, they are using more than just marijuana. Pot heads come in all shapes, sizes and different attitudes. Not every stoner is a chill, lowkey person. Some are complete assholes. That’s just the nature of having so many different people support one great thing. It’s not that they have a more negative approach. It is more like a realistic approach on life and big decisions. Until I smoked weed, I didn’t really think about much outside of my small circle of life. Once I started smoking alone was when I would let my mind run with thoughts. So many perspectives came to me within those first few years of toking. It gives you a much bigger look at the world around you and what you can do. If you’re unapproachable, that’s because you are doing something wrong regardless of using marijuana or not.

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