Breast Feeding & Cannabis & Child Endangerment

Breasts and cannabis seems like a winning combination to me, but I am not investigating child endangerment issues in California. What?   “One of California’s more vociferous battles over marijuana was already simmering in the upper Central Valley when an audio recording of a howling mother went viral.  “Oh, my God! My baby! My baby! My baby!” screamed Daisy Bram, 30, as Butte County child welfare officers took custody of her newborn infant and 18-month-old toddler during a Sept. 29 marijuana raid on her family’s rural house outside Oroville.
On June 11, six days after Butte County voters decide a controversial ballot challenge to restrictions on marijuana growing, Bram faces a preliminary hearing on charges of felony child abuse and misdemeanor child endangerment. Her defenders say Bram is essentially being prosecuted for breast-feeding while using medical marijuana. They say her case dramatizes what they contend are heavy-handed policies for medical marijuana use in Butte County, where supervisors put restrictions on growing medical pot, and police and an aggressive district attorney shuttered all local marijuana dispensaries.

“The general populace is in an uproar over this,” said Robert Galia, a partner in a Chico-area dispensary that closed in 2011, a year after being raided by police. “This whole thing that she endangered her kids is just a farce.” Los Angeles lawyer Michael Feinsohn, who is representing Bram free of charge, said her case and the audio that’s drawing audiences from Israel to Thailand “have really garnered support and made this a righteous cause.”

In the police audio recording, obtained by her husband in court discovery, an officer speaks in an understated voice trying calm her. Bram shrieks: “They took my baby! How is he going to eat? … He’s a newborn!” Bram said she got her children back four months later, after she gave up pot for the prescription drug Marinol, which uses synthetic ingredients to mimic the properties of marijuana.

Let’s take a lesson from this, Greenies. When re-legalization arrives we will have a lot of educating to do. People need to learn about real cannabis, and un-learn the myths they were taught about reefer madness cannabis. You and I will have to do that educating, won’t we?

There’s quite a bit more to this story at our original source here.

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