Brookline, Massachusetts Joins The Dispensary Banning Campaign

Joining the ranks of the wrong side of the will of the people in Massachusetts is the municipality of Brookline. The lovely town of Brookline is strongly considering a cessation on medical cannabis that would prohibit the sales of said plant at least until the year 2014.

It’s the guidelines, people! Everyone is freaking out until the state reveals the rules and regulations for the newly adopted medical cannabis program.

MA1“We have no idea what the state regulations are going to say,” proclaimed Town Counselwoman Jennifer Dopazo Gilbert. “We don’t want to be in a situation where the May 1 regulations are issued and we get applications for several locations, but we have no basis to deny, to regulate or to restrict them.”

Forget all about the qualified patient base in your region that voted you and your constituents into office. Why bother allowing people safe access to a benign substance that offers a natural alternative to dangerous, little well-known about pharmaceuticals?

The “we can’t have this in our town” mentality seems to be trending around the globe. That’s not a good thing. We as a community can do something about it by getting actively involved on a grass roots level and help educate your city officials on the science of cannabis.

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