Budding Business for Seed Companies

We here at HMJ and The Greenies already knew about Colorado’s tolerance and love for pot dispensaries and it’s positive effect on the state’s economy. Well, that was just the tip of the iceberg, as a seed company in Colorado is now looking to cash in on the boom of medical marijuana. Right now, the only thing stopping a seed company from expanding to sell across state lines are wack federal laws, even to states where it is legal to sell medical marijuana.

“What I hope is that the federal government in time will catch up with the state of Colorado in their approach to regulating and taxing this product,”

Those words are straight from the mouth of Ben Holmes, who runs Centennial Seeds, a seed supplier that already accounts for 20% of the 800 medical marijuana centers in Colorado and I think I can safely say on behalf of everyone at HMJ and The Greenies whole-hearts agree.

Hit the jump to see a video on this issue. (via CNBC)

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Author: Al Matic

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