Caged Protester Fights For Freedom To Grow Hemp

David Bronner, of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, famous for his all organic products containing hemp oil was arrested Monday after 3 hours of protesting in a steel cage in front of Lafayette Park in Washington D.C. In response to Bronner’s non-violent protest against failed policies on growing industrial hemp which fail to distinguish the difference between “marijuana” and hemp local Fire Fighters came to the scene brandishing a large chain saw which they used to cut Bronner out.

“The industrial hemp plants I am harvesting and processing into oil cannot produce a high of any kind, but according to the Obama administration, I’m in possession of approximately 10 pounds of marijuana,” said Bronner. “President Obama’s U.S. attorney who handles drug cases in Washington, D.C., will not be able to prove my hemp has any more drug value than a poppyseed bagel.”

Due to the Obama Administration’s failure to recognize any potential benefits from the cannabis plant Bronner and millions more are forced to import hemp from other countries like Canada for high prices when they would much rather be spending that money in America’s economy growing American hemp. Instead of wasting time and money taking chainsaws to people fighting for hemp the President should helping those wishing to bring the country and it’s economy back to it’s roots.

Check out more on the story over at The Huffington Post

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Author: SuperXinck420

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