Cali Attorney General Asks Feds To Chill Out

California Attorney General Kamala Harris has provided some gentle push back to the federal crackdown on legal medical marijuana dispensaries in the Bear Republic. Spurred by federal prosecutors, federal and local agents have been shutting down dispensaries, raiding and destroying MM cultivators, and have promised to go after any media outlets allowing dispensaries to advertise on their pages or airwaves.

AG Harris has asked federal officials to work out legal problems they have with the cultivators and dispensaries through the legal process – in the legislature and courts – instead of conducting armed raids and threatening the landlords who rent spaces to them with confiscation of their properties.

Harris opined that the inconsistencies in Prop 215, which legalized medical marijuana in California in 1996, must be amended either by the state legislature or the court system, not via federal prosecution. Harris is serving her first year as Attorney General and was previously the District Attorney for San Francisco for seven years, one of the leading medical marijuana centers in the Golden State, with over two-dozen dispensaries. Harris’s official statement was in response to media requests following the October 7 press conference by the four U.S. Attorneys for California that announced plans for an escalated federal crackdown on medical marijuana.


“[A]n overly broad federal enforcement campaign will make it more difficult for legitimate patients to access physician-recommended medicine in California,” she said.

AG Harris has asked that U.S. attorneys focus their resources on illegal trafficking, such as the Mexican cartels, instead of businesses operating legally according to the state of California.

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