Cali Style Threats in Colorado

The federal government’s war on medical marijuana is picking up its pace in Colorado, with tactics tried and tested in California.  Once again the focus is on asset forfeiture.  As reported in The Chicago Tribune, Attorney John Walsh, the top local federal prosecutor in Colorado, warned owners of twenty-five medical marijuana sites by letter that they have 45 days to shut down or “action will be taken to seize and forfeit their property,” his office said on Friday.  Again, the threat is not prosecution – it is loss of money.

Walsh’s actions, part of an ongoing fight between states that have legalized medical marijuana and the federal government, comes ahead of a ballot initiative in November that could see the state’s voters become the first in the nation to legalize weed for recreational use. Walsh’s office said the letters were sent to 25 dispensaries that violate a law requiring medical marijuana centers be at least 1,000 feet from a school. That came after he sent a similar ultimatum to 23 cannabis dispensaries that violated the buffer law in January. All of those targeted storefronts stopped selling pot from those locations, so no enforcement action was taken, Walsh said.

Earlier this month, Boulder District Attorney Stan Garnett wrote Walsh a letter calling for the federal government to back off from targeting medical pot shops allowed under a medical-marijuana law passed by state voters in 2000. “I can see no legitimate basis in this judicial district to focus the resources of the United States government on the medical marijuana dispensaries that are otherwise compliant with Colorado law or local regulation,” Garnett wrote.

HMJ will report on Colorado developments as they occur. Meanwhile, lets look at a three-year-old Montana child whose medical situation is being treated with cannabis oil, a form of concentrated cannabis, as reported by ABC News. Lot’s of medical folks prefer the benefits of concentrates, as opposed to smoking bud. Marijuana was the best medicine for 3-year-old Cash Hyde of Missoula, Mont. At least that’s what his parents, Mike and Kalli Hyde, believe.

The Hydes and doctors decided to wean the toddler off a cocktail of drugs that included, methadone, ketamine and morphine. Their son went through 30 rounds of radiation without one nausea or pain medication besides medical marijuana, according to his father. Mike Hyde said doctors were unaware he was giving his son marijuana. Doctors told the Hydes that Cash only had a 30 percent chance of surviving five years, and, at best, radiation could stop the tumor from spreading. But the toddler, whose second tumor was diagnosed in October, has not seen any recurrence. His parents chalk that up to the cannabis oil they administered to him twice a day since the second tumor diagnosis.

More than 14,000 Montana residents hold a license to use medical marijuana, according to the state’s department of public health and human services. Under Montana law, a person under 18 can become a medical marijuana patient, but their parent or legal guardian must agree to act as the minor-patient’s primary caregiver and control their use.

We’ve heard about cannabis oil and other concentrates in their medical context previously. What do you think?

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