California activists challenge LA dispensary ban in court!

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The city of Los Angeles has been blowing up as of late in terms of medical marijuana.  The city decided to wait years to attempt to regulate medical marijuana dispensaries in the same fashion we have seen in places like Oakland and Berkeley, this in turn has caused a community uproar. People are worried about a variety of problems arising from the LA City Council’s actions not limited to where patients will get medicine, and the thousands that will be thrown into California’s already high number of unemployed.

However there was good news in yesterdays New York Times!

A lawsuit filed Tuesday challenges Los Angeles’ crackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries, claiming that it would force nearly all of them to close. The suit, by two dispensaries and a medical marijuana advocacy group, accuses the city of violating the state constitutional rights of dispensary operators. The law caps the number of dispensaries in Los Angeles at 70. NYT

Americans for Safe Access is leading the charge to throw out the ordinance. Their top lawyer noted on the the dispensary ban,

“”The dispensary ordinance passed by the Los Angeles City Council might have been reasonable, if not for some onerous provisions,” said ASA Chief Counsel Joe Elford, who filed the lawsuit today. “The requirement to find a new location within 7 days is completely unreasonable and undermines the due process of otherwise legal medical marijuana dispensaries.”

More info on the legal challenge can be found here in the full press release. Thankfully ASA has been protecting patients for years, also the top brass in LA for ASA is Don Duncan from Super High Me and we all remember how crazy well spoken that dude was.

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