California Bomb “Bomb Caramel Candy Corn w/Peanuts” Review

Name/Type: California Bomb
Rating: 4/5 Stars


Here is the description of this edible from the website.

Bomb Caramel Candy Corn w/ Peanuts

This item doesn’t really require an introduction. Utilizing our special secret family caramel recipe we have created a popcorn dessert that everyone will enjoy to the last bite.

Personal Comments

There are a lot of edibles out there on the scene right now. This past weekend at Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino we met up with California Bomb and they gave us a couple of products to review.


This is a throwback to childhood. Caramel corn with peanuts, just that the prize here is the fact it is also medicated!

There isn’t much for nutritional information on this package except the ingredients. It says on the front the net weight is 70 grams and contains 65mg of THC from indica flowers. Thier website says they use 100% organic ingredients!

The packaging was double bagged, so the popcorn inside was fresh and tasty. You can taste the cannabis in this product, but it remains sweet, with no bitter flavors. The Caramel was nice, and not sticky. The peanuts did not stay attached to the popcorn as with similar products, but instead was hiding at the bottom of the bag.

This is definitely a powerful treat for many, so if you have a low tolerance don’t eat the whole bag at once! For me eating the whole bag helped me get through this horrid damp and rainy day I am writing this review. One of the reasons I use medical Marijuana is to deal with pain from sports injuries. On days like today, my whole body usually hurts, but honestly right now I feel great!

I can’t wait to review this toffee…

Bottom line

I really enjoyed this product. It was well made, well packaged, and made from great ingredients. Its easy to see and taste the quality of the product. Also in the “About” section of thier site they say:

“A portion of our proceeds are donated to the Weed for Warrior’s and the Wounded Warrior’s Foundation.”

Cannabis is a much needed medicine in these people’s lives, so lets support those who do what our MMJ laws say to do, and give compassion!

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Author: Beth

Beth is a cannabis writer for HMJ as well as co-host of "Fired Up" by HMJ with Lenny G, and Duney Kush, every Thurs from 3-5PM PST on She is a prop 215 MMJ patient, living in the Los Angeles area.

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