California voters overwhelmingly support reduced penalties for Illegal Drugs

It looks like Californians are in support of more than just Medical Marijuana. According to a new poll, three out of every four California voters support reducing the criminal penalty of illegal drugs for personal use. Currently possession of any drug (beside’s Marijuana) regardless of the amount yields a felony. Californians have also been open in saying they feel there are too many people in prisons according to another poll.

With the state facing very serious deficit problems, ideally, this polling data will cause the state government to look at smart drug policy and prison reforms as a way to reduce spending. The state already spends significantly more on incarceration than it does on higher education.

I’ve never been a fan of any of the other “harder” drugs but I think the citizens of Cali are making some valid points here. At the end of it all, to each is own and running around with a little something for personal use shouldn’t have the same penalty as the actual dealer. Check out the full story here.

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