Can’t Get Your Hands on Weed?! Grab a bag of Potato Chips to get High!

AP Photo by Damian Dovarganes.

If you can’t get your hands on any weed, grab a bag of potato chips to get high!

You’re sitting there and have a craving for massive quantities of chips or French fries and you’re not even high! You grab the bag of chips and you begin to get that euphoric feeling similar to smoking a doobie. What just happened?!

Researchers at UCI think that may have found out why that fatty food taste makes you want more!

It has to do with an ingredient found in marijuana similar to one our bodies produce naturally. Even if you have never smoked a joint in your life (or that’s what you tell your family anyway), you’ve probably experienced a similar effect of being high when you scarfed down those fries! Endocannabinoids are the chemicals our bodies produce naturally and resemble tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive ingredient in pot.

Like the THC from weed can get ya feeling groovy, the Endocannabinoids also regulates mood and makes ya all happy…just like pot!! Another cool thing about Endocannabinoids is we can make them on demand.

“If you think about your college experience, you may remember what the munchies are. This is exactly what we’re talking about,” said Daniele Piomelli.

Studies suggest that evolution has a good explanation for these triggers we get when eating fatty foods and why we want more. Back in the caveman days, fats weren’t readily abundant like today. They had to expend the energy to find, hunt and kill the animals that contain fats which are necessary for our bodies to function. Piomelli’s research suggests it makes sense when our ancestors got to eat fats, it urged them to eat as much as possible and stock up. Yep it’s kinda like weed. Their findings on these fat receptors is now being used in research for possible development of fat blocking drugs in the future.

Full story here.

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