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Canada Could Be North America’s Amsterdam

Canada’s Liberal Party issued a resolution in 2012 in support of making Canada a haven for cannabis tourism. In a new analysis, the arguments supporting the benefits of such a policy are staggering.

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For starters, Canada’s health care system and law enforcement agencies stand to gain billions in revenue that’s now being siphoned off into organized crime. These revenues can be achieved through the sale of low-priced, high-quality, government regulated , domestically grown cannabis.

One of the co-authors of the analysis pointed out that tokers from the US and all over the world would be drawn to Canada if they could count on getting high without legal hassle.

The analysis continues to argue that making Canada into a haven for pot-tourism would directly and indirectly create thousands of opportunities for employment, citing work in agriculture, some 2700 specialty retail operations, manufacturing and distribution, regulation and quality control, legal and accounting services, as well as marketing and tourism.

Among the drawbacks to this initiative would be the opposition it would spark from the US government.

Sounds like quite the recipe for a powerful economic engine. What do you think Greenies? Is Canada going to follow through and become the Amsterdam of the West? Or is all this merely a pretty picture and ultimately a pipe-dream?

images from National Post and Google Images

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Author: Bryan Basamanowicz

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    Not with the current Harper government in office. And he has a couple more years to do irreparable damage to this once great country. Even now he has implemented draconian mandatory minimums and gutting the medical marijuana laws, favoring big pharma.