Canada Does Medical Marijuana Better Than the United States

Our little brothers to the north have a firmer grasp on medical marijuana use and subsequent legislation. They’re doing things faster, and better than us, and it’s a shame we can’t follow suit. That being said, there is some conflict. The Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries (CAMCD) is claiming the Canadian government isn’t providing enough, and private dispensaries could do it better. Read on to find out why CAMCD’s call to universalize medical marijuana treatment under a uniform set of guidelines WILL legitimize medical marijuana across all of Canada. By setting a standard, CAMCD codifies the whole process, and it’s well on it’s way to no longer sitting in the grey area of the law.

Universal standards taking place through CAMCD, mean more avenues are available for legitimate medical marijuana users in lower Canada. The CAMCD was formed out of the popular Compassion Clubs almost 15 years ago, and for the first time a national network of dispensaries has been formed.

So what does this mean in concrete terms?

The homogeneity of medical marijuana dispensaries means there’s a universal standard, and Canada’s Parliament would have a universal body with which to rule on Canadian marijuana laws. It’s basically narrowing the focus of what the legislative body needs to deal with. Making things easier always augments the process by which laws are enacted. Canadian Parliament may sound anachronistic–but they’re doing things better and faster than we are–so maybe we should change our legislative bicameral system that can’t even figure out whether certain reps should resign. That being said, Canadian representatives aren’t known for showing cock over Twitter to under-aged women.

But I digress. The point of all of this is Canada is just doing things smarter than we are on the marijuana front. True, there’s a long history of progressive thinking taking place north of the U.S., but we should take their example and use it to kick-start our own state laws and hopefully have enough consensus to take to the Attorney General about federal mandates on medical marijuana. That’s the dream, but anyone that’s looked at American politics over the last couple centuries knows this might just be wishful thinking. Maybe our grand kids can do better.

America’s medical marijuana policy might be exactly what Neil Young was singing out (just ignore the cocaine booger hanging out of his nose–it was the mid-70’s).

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