Canada Sucks Now Too

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Ok so I guess I gave Canada more credit than they deserved. I thought they were smarter up there and had learned from the mistakes that other countries had made with marijuana prohibition, especially the United States. I guess not though.

Currently they are trying to pass a law there that would make marijuana laws there even stricter. Bill C-15 was recently passed by the House of Commons and only needs to be passed by the Senate in order to become a law. With this law in place, Canadian citizens will be able to be jailed for a minimum of 6 months “for growing as little as one marijuana plant for the purpose of trafficking.” How they determine whether you are growing one plant for trafficking or for medicinal purposes, I don’t know.

This law is being highly critisized by many, mainly because of the mandatory 6 month sentence you get if you are caught growing marijuana.  What’s worse is this is happening even though the majority of Canadian citizens think weed should be legalized, just like American citizens do.

Here is how the bill passed in the House.

For more info and what you can do to try and stop this bill from passing, check out our friends over at Cannabis Culture.

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Author: Lenny

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