Canada Will Re-legalize

America likes to think of itself as being in the lead when it comes to everything. So why are we so far back in the pack when it comes to re-legalization? Uruguay legalized a couple years back and now Canada is returning to sanity.


Canada’s new top health official is actively looking into the best way for the country to legalize marijuana. Minister of Health, Jane Philpott, who assumed office a little more than three weeks ago, told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. (CBC) that government scientists are already briefing her on possible legal regulations for cannabis.

“The world is going to be looking to Canada to make sure we do the job well,” she said.

Even though the government doesn’t yet know all of the details on how it wants to regulate marijuana, Philpott didn’t hesitate to harshly criticize the current prohibition model. “I think if any of your viewers, if they ask their teenage children, they can verify for them that [marijuana] is far too accessible. And obviously there’s issues around safety and concentrations that are available in certain products are very dangerous,” she said. “Often, the products are not pure, and that’s something that’s a serious health concern for us.”
. . .
Earlier this month, newly sworn-in Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, directed Philpott and two other cabinet officials, the minister of public safety and emergency preparedness and the minister of justice, to begin working together to craft a plan to legally regulate marijuana.

Trudeau’s Liberal Party, which won a strong majority in last month’s federal elections, included support for legalization in its official platform. During the campaign, Trudeau pledged to begin work on ending prohibition “right away” if elected.

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Mr. Emery, congratulations. So much effort and sacrifice is about to be rewarded.

My fellow Americans, we have less than one year to push re-legalization into the presidential election. This is our opportunity to take center stage. There is something you can do, today, in your life, to help bring this about. It is time for all of us to stand up, at the same time, and demand change. It is time to “Come Out for Cannabis.”


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