Cannabis and the 2016 Election

Here’s a brief summary of the coming election. We have work to do.


We have a moment now to take advantage of the Presidential stage and make real strides in legitimizing cannabis across the country. There are bills currently in Congress to open the industry up to banking, to ease the tax burdens for business owners, or do both of these things while rescheduling the plant entirely. But, unless these bills can be shown to have serious voter support they will continue to languish in committee. As attention increasingly focuses on cannabis, the picture that is revealed must be one that is welcoming to all demographics.

To have any real credibility in the national dialogue, the marijuana industry must take control of its own image and present a more serious, professional face to the country. Stoner culture will always exist and there will always be brands to serve that market, but to continue moving the needle of public opinion among mainstream customers and voters, we are going to need brands and industry leaders that target them, too.

The onus is on us to break the stereotypes, prove there is more to marijuana than “Reefer Madness” propaganda, and create an industry that earns the trust of the entire American public. If we do this, we can take the movement for cannabis legalization from the Grassroots to the mainstream and create real, lasting, sustainable change. Much like with the 2016 Presidential hopefuls, the campaign to retake the image of cannabis from skeptics and legalization opponents must start now.

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