Cannabis Care Package Review: The Lite Box Unboxing

It’s been a while since I last opened a cannabis care package, but the people over at contacted me and wanted me to check out their Lite Box for you guys.  They’re still working on setting up the official “Hot Box” (details below), but watch me open up the box of surprises they sent me.

If you order the Lite Box, for just $25 a month, including free shipping, you can expect to get the following items every single month:

  1. A glass piece (I received a heavy-duty, spiral spoon pipe)
  2. 1 pack of rolling papers (I got a pack of Kaya Rolling Papers — with filters — AND a pack of DLX Deluxe Papers — with a magnetic flap)
  3. 2 packs of cones (I got a pack of RAW Cones and a pack of The Original Cones)
  4. 2 unique accessories (I got a Dab Ball and a Toker Poker)
  5. 1 complimentary rolling machine (I got one from Elements)


  • Great price
  • Free shipping
  • High quality products
  • Caters to everyone


  • Website is printed on the box (May not be something you want everyone to see)
  • No choice in the products you receive (Or, you could look at it as a pleasant surprise)



But, it won’t be long until The Hot Box itself is available for purchase, which is a quarterly box (at three times the price of the monthly Lite Box), with more glass pieces, more papers and more items overall. You can even give these boxes as personalized gifts!

It doesn’t matter which option you choose to purchase because when you use the coupon code HAILMJ15, you can get 15% off your first month’s subscription.

Get Yours HERE

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