Cannabis Cup Coming to America

pssst.  It’s actually a Medical High Times Cannabis Cup.  Still doesn’t change the fact that it’s super awesome.  Everyone is probably familiar with Amsterdam’s Cannabis Cup–I’ve wanted to go since I was a freshman in high school–but High Times magazine is bringing the fun to–where else–San Francisco, California (pronounced with an Austrian accent).  Find everything you want to know about the Cannabis Cup, stateside addition, after the jump.  Trust me, you’re gonna want all the specifics as it’s much cheaper to fly or drive to California, then it is to book a flight to Amsterdam, as HMJ Emcee, houroc, already knows.


The first annual HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup in San Francisco will include prizes for the best and most medicinal cannabis, hashish and edibles from Californias [sic] legal medical marijuana dispensaries. Lead by HIGH TIMES cultivation reporter Jorge Cervantes, our small panel of expert judges will award Cannabis Cups based on the medical efficacy of the submitted varieties, and will provide notes on the winners designed to help Californias [sic] estimated 150,000 legal medical marijuana patients make well-informed decisions when seeking cannabis medicine.

The early bird special for admittance to both days of the event is going for $50.  You can buy a ticket at the event, but it will be more expensive.  If something terrible happens, like your dog eats your stash and you are worried about it’s health, the passes are non-refundable, but you can give it to a friend, or roll it over to next years event.  Huzzah!  This will be an annual event.

If you are a legally operating medical marijuana dispensary you can submit your greenery by calling (212) 387-0500 or email  All adults are invited, so even if you don’t have a medical marijuana card in the state of California you can enjoy everything the event has to offer.

Unfortunately, only a small panel of judges will be allowed to judge the veracity of individual dispensaries.  That’s why the cost is so low.  But, as mentioned, in future events patients will be allowed to judge for themselves with more expensive passes being offered.   Also, don’t worry, High Times is still sponsoring the famous cup in Amsterdam too.

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