Cannabis Demographics

Here’s another one of those things you never expected to see — cannabis demographics.  Arizona, of all places, voted in November 2010 to allow cancer patients and others with certain debilitating illnesses to get a medical-marijuana card with a doctor’s approval. Since marijuana was legalized for medicinal use, more than 22,200 people in the state have received permission to smoke, eat or otherwise ingest it to ease their ailments.  Of those, nearly three-quarters are men, and nearly 85 percent of all patients have requested to grow their own cannabis. Officials denied only nine applications.
Here’s some more about “us,”

the overwhelming majority of medical-pot users reported chronic pain as their medical condition, while muscle spasms were also high on the list. . . Other ailments include hepatitis C, cancer and seizures . . . Geographically, medical-cannabis users mostly live in metro Phoenix and other highly populated areas, including metro Tucson, Yavapai County, Kingman and Lake Havasu City. Just six areas throughout the state have no medical-pot users, the data showed, and all are on Native American reservations.

Why might that be?

Seeing our little community being analyzed like any other part of society is a good sign. We are no longer scary. The lies and the fear focused on you and I are coming to an end. Let’s hope we prove up to the challenge.

Read more, its good stuff at The Arizona Republic.

[image: google images demographics]

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