Cannabis DNA & the Truth

After 80 years of cannabis suppression, some, maybe much, of what we think we know about the plant will turn out to be wrong. Okay, so what’s the truth about cannabis DNA?


…The research team was able to procure enough varying samples that they were able to compare their genetic structures to one another and to the ancestral lineage of C. sativa and C. indica plants.

While hemp cultivars are largely considered to be derived from C. sativa, the authors were surprised to find out that nearly all their samples were genetically more related to the C. indica species. The genetic differences between hemp and marijuana also accounted for more than simply the level of THC each type of plant could produce, though the authors were quick to note that “hemp and marijuana still largely share a common pool of genetic variation.”

As for the commercial strains, which are often defined by their relationship to either C. indica or C. sativa, the authors only found a moderate association between the reported ancestry of the strain and its actual genetic history (like dogs, marijuana strains are often a mix between the two). In one particular case, the Jamaican Lambs Bread strain, advertised as entirely belonging to the C. sativa species, was found to be nearly genetically identical to a C. indica strain from Afghanistan.

“Cannabis breeders and growers often indicate the percentage of Sativa or Indica in a cannabis strain, but they are not very accurate,” Page said.

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