Cannabis Gets Its’ Day In Court

We have reported previously on the lawsuit coming to hearing on October 16.  Brought by Americans for Safe Access, this is going to be the hemp plant’s first real day in court — ever.  Talk about being denied due process and the cannabis plant has a claim.  This case is a big deal.  If the cannabis plant gets its hearing before impartial judges then Schedule I classification should fail.  If the weed ends up in front of political water carriers, well  . . ..  Time will tell.  Here’s a taste of an interesting article.  Enjoy:
“Michael Krawitz, from Elliston, Virginia, suffered a car accident while serving in the US air force which left him permanently disabled and in chronic pain. Years later he received a prescription for medical marijuana while abroad, which, when used with other pain treatment, stabilised his condition for the first time. But when the department of veteran affairs found out about his cannabis prescription, they asked him to undergo a drug test, he said, which he refused. They have now denied him further treatment.

Later this month, Krawitz, 49, and other advocates for medical marijuana will go before the US court of appeal as part of a historic lawsuit that they hope will challenge the federal government’s classification of marijuana. Under the Controlled Substances Act, marijuana is classified alongside heroin as a dangerous drug, with no medical benefits. Advocates argue that marijuana has a medical benefit and so should be reclassified.

A wide range of US organizations support either medical access to cannabis, its reclassification or both. They include two of nation’s largest physician groups, the American Medical Association and the American College of Physicians, in addition to the American Nurses Association, the Federation of American Scientists and the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Oral arguments in the case are scheduled to be heard at the US court of appeal for the DC circuit on October 16.”
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You can learn more on this issue and what’s about to happen in a courtroom HERE.

[image: Google images judge]

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