Cannabis Grows in Tampa

The city of Tampa, Florida is abuzz with the discovery of a cannabis plant growing in a planter across from city hall.  The amusing plant sprouted then grew unnoticed for weeks right across the street from the downtown Tampa Police Department.  “The plant tested positive for THC,” Tampa Police Capt. David Goodman said. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is the active chemical in marijuana.   They tested the plant?  Really?


The urbane and well read marijuana plant was “growing wild in a large, city of Tampa planter.”  The intelligent and witty hemp plant availed itself of “access to irrigation and a direct line of sunlight to boot.”  Location, location, location.  It’s really quite a plant, especially in matters like these.

“Not only was it growing in downtown, it was growing on the busy corner of N. Franklin Street and Madison Street, right across the street from the Tampa Police Department building. Officers, detectives, attorneys, cleaning crews and all sorts of averages Joes from the homeless to business professionals passed the pot plant in the planter.” It’s called hiding in plain sight.

Despite its proximity to the police department, Chief Goodman said he doesn’t believe a crafty citizen was trying to send a message or play a joke on Tampa Police. “I don’t think anybody was trying to test our knowledge or see how much we were appreciating the city’s beautification efforts,” Goodman joked. “I think purely coincidence.” In fact, Goodman found its proximity to another building more interesting. “It’s outside a local pharmacy,” he said. “Maybe this isn’t what they had in mind when they think of medicinal use.”

I think it was a slow news day in Tampa. Anyway its a cute story you might enjoy. Find it here.

[image: Google images Tampa, Florida]

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