Cannabis Kills the Super Cooties…It IS A SUPER PLANT After All!

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Say thanks to Giovanni Appendino of the Piemonte Orientale University, in Italy, and another thank you to Simon Gibbons of the School of Pharmacy at the University of London, U.K. These two fine gentlemen have revisited the antibiotic power of marijuana by systematically testing different cannabinoids’ capacity to kill MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus…if you insist on knowing!) otherwise known to you and I as drug resistant cooties.

Cannabis has long been known to have antibacterial properties and was studied in the 1950s as a treatment for tuberculosis and other diseases. But research into using cannabis as an antibiotic has been limited by poor knowledge of the plant’s active ingredients and by the controversy surrounding its use as a recreational drug.

And the funny thing is that I used to be half dead sick in bed and felt so much better after I smoked. Maybe it was the marijuana after all; but not for nothing don’t most of the drugs that we currently depend on originally come from green plant life? Controversy can’t trump scientific knowledge. You heard it here, folks. Weed is the super drug kills the cooties that big pharma’s drugs simply can’t. Pass it along!

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Author: TRJ

Political pondering as seen through a smoky purple hazed shade. A poet and provocateur who won't remember how and why I may have offended you please refrain from complaining. I love the kids; nature and I promote peace and humanity as mush as I can when not fighting domestic terrorist aka 'The Man'.

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