Cannabis & Lung Function

Here’s some interesting information on cannabis smoke being good for your lungs.  Science!


Using guinea pigs, the study measured the ability of cannabinoids to inhibit bronchoconstriction induced by inflammatory proteins. The cannabinoids in the study included THC, CBD, CBG, CBC, CBD-A, and THC-V. Interestingly, THC and THC-V were the only phytocannabinoids shown to inhibit contractions, with THC being stronger. The other cannabinoids had no effect, and adding CBD to THC did not enhance the latter’s effects. In the conclusion, THC was stated to have anti-inflammatory and antitussive activity, at least partially through activation of presynaptic CB1 and CB2 receptors.

THC-V is closely related to THC in chemical structure, being distinguished by its 3-carbon propyl side chain. It has no psychoactive properties, and may help a wide spectrum of disorders including Parkinson’s Disease. Interestingly, while THC activates CB1 receptors, THC-V blocks them without causing the negative effects (like nausea) associated with other antagonist-like compounds.

This study is particularly important, as it comes during a time when CBD is getting significant attention as the miracle cannabinoid. It is critical to remember that THC is therapeutically essential, and sometimes has benefits lacking in CBD. While CBD may be more powerful than THC in many cases, both are needed in varying quantities for different diseases.

This is only a part of the original story which is HERE.

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