Cannabis Re-Legalization & Mothers

Here’s another way of looking at the issue.


Mothers do not fit neatly into the story of cannabis, which has as its protagonists Mexican drug lords, layabouts and rappers — all of which are males. Even now, the leading figures in the legalization movement are businessmen. Perhaps, this is not surprising. A drunk teenage son is one thing, but one who is stoned as well?

Even so, those hoping to take the drug mainstream know they have to get mothers on their side. One way to do so is to emphasize the health benefits of weed. Cue a new crop of faces on the market.

Mary’s Medicinals sells fragrant lotions with a stylish leaflet on “the science behind cannabinoids” — chemical compounds inside the drug which, research suggests, have a soothing effect on the nervous system. Jill Amen and her son, Trey, are behind House Of Jane, a multi-state chain of cafés that offer “gourmet coffees, herbal teas and fine edibles” laced with marijuana, with the tagline “medicate responsibly.”

Alison Ettel’s Treatwell Health sells blueberry almond granola for customers in California. And Krystal Kitahara of Yummi Karma incorporates a small dose into condiments, sauces and spices to sprinkle on an evening meal. “I want it to feel like you could see it on a shelf at Trader Joe’s,” said Kitahara.

Mothers control $1.6 trillion of direct consumer spending and influence the buying habits of their entire household. In politics, it was the soccer moms, newspapers declared in 1996, that returned Bill Clinton to the White House. And mothers tend to make a family’s medical decisions. If matriarchs can be persuaded that marijuana boosts health, rather than imperils it, cannabis caramels may one day be found stuck to the teeth of a grateful nation.

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