Why Cannabis is Schedule 1 — It’s Not What They Say

Short history lesson:  A drug listed in Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act has “no medical value.”  By definition.  Cannabis is in Schedule 1.  So it must be that cannabis has no medical value.  Except for the fact that how cannabis got to be in any schedule has nothing at all to do with medicine.
In the 1960’s the Marijuana Tax Stamp Act was declared unconstitutional. Congress created the Controlled Substances Act. There was debate about how to deal with cannabis under the Act. Nixon was President. Nixon said, “Park it in Schedule 1 [most dangerous/no medical value], and, when the Shaffer Commission reports back on this issue [the commission was already at work] the Act can follow the recommendation of that commission and move cannabis around accordingly.” President Nixon was sure the Commission would recommend ever harsher measures be taken against the weed.  After all, Nixon had selected 9 of the 15 commission members himself.

The Commission said, “legalize.”

Nixon had a fit. Cannabis, parked in Schedule 1, remains there for Richard Nixon’s own reasons and motives.


You can find more cannabis history in Hail Mary Jane‘s series BLIND ELDERS.

[image:  Nixon.org.]

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