Cannabis & The Human Cardiovascular System

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Writing this past week in the Journal of the American Heart Association, medical scientists in France concluded that recreational marijuana use may result in cardiovascular-related complications, and possibly even death, among young and middle-aged adults.
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Popular wisdom has long held that marijuana is good medicine, but studies are revealing a gloomier side to the drug.

“We identified several remarkable cases of cardiovascular complications as the reasons for hospital admission of young marijuana users,” Dr. Émilie Jouanjus, of the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Toulouse in France, said in a statement last week.

Jouanjus and colleagues discovered in a study group of 1,979 adults who had a history of marijuana use, most of them men who ranged in age from their 20s through early 50s, that nearly 2 percent had heart complications. The average age of patients was 34.

For instance, 20 users suffered heart attacks; 10 had peripheral vascular disease, marked by damage to blood vessels in the limbs. Three had damage to arteries that supply blood to the brain. Nine patients, the study said, died of cardiovascular complications.

While heart attacks and other cardiovascular complications are found frequently in large populations everywhere, these cases were unique, Jouanjus said, because the people were, for the most part, quite young.

“This unexpected finding deserved to be further analyzed, especially given that the medicinal use of marijuana has become more prevalent and some governments are legalizing its use.”

Further analysis, yes. Why don’t we already know this? The original post is far more complete with lots more detail. FIND THAT POST HERE. Got a paper due for health class? Just sayin.

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Canamo para Costa Rica

The study Chronic Cannabis in Costa Rica (carter 1980), Jamaica and even the India report preceding the two aforementioned studies, have all proven there is no relation between cannabis use and vascular desease. It helps to dilate the blood vessels and cause a slight increase in heart rate when initially consumed. Otherwise chronic use makes no difference from other subjects with the same consumption of other substances being tallied for.

Arizona Willie

One problem is that they don’t say how many young people who DON’T smoke weed have the same type of problems. It could be that young marijuana smokers have LESS heart problems than the general population. But they don’t give you anything to compare to.
The simply imply that it is totally because they used marijuana that they had the heart problems.


I’d like to remind readers of this article that this divvy was conducted by French scientists, in France, on French people, a nationality known for its culture of heavy tobacco smoking from a young age. Tobacco smoke is proven to cause all of the above symptoms. I think that’s rather enough said.

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