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Challenging the NFL Cannabis Policy

If you tuned into a Buffalo Bills game toward the end of this NFL season, you may have noticed that offensive lineman Seantrel Henderson was missing.  Henderson sat out four games earlier this year and was ordered suspended for another ten after testing positive for marijuana for the fifth time — even though he uses it… Read more »

NORML Calls “No To Sessions” TODAY

Care about your future?  If so, get on board with NORML’s call to action.  Keep reading: On Monday [TODAY], NORML and our supporters will participate in a Day of Action to mobilize opposition to the appointment of Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions as US Attorney General. Senator Sessions is a militant opponent of any efforts to… Read more »

Re-Legalization Bringing Decreased Drug Use

Now here’s an interesting twist no one saw coming.  As cannabis re-legalization rolls on (no pun intended) fewer young people are attracted to any type of drug use.  Here’s some detail:   The University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research is out with its latest national survey of teenage drug use, including marijuana use, and… Read more »

MJ’s Book Look: Marijuana Edibles, 40 Desserts

In the profusion of books on cannabis edibles here’s a new entry:  Marijuana Edibles — 40 Easy and Delicious Cannabis-Infused Desserts, from the owners of “Laurie & MaryJane.”  The volume opens with “The Basics,” covering the expected and necessary topics like calibrating infusions, how to decarboxylate bud, the role of terpenes and making single serving… Read more »

Ganja Gifts: PlazmaticX Lighter

Looking for a clever gift for a toking friend?  Try this — the PlazmaticX lighter! It is a flameless windproof lighter that uses dual beam plasma beams instead of butane or harmful liquids. Whether you’re lighting tobacco products, hemp wick, or firing up charcoal in the grill, Plazmatic X gets the job done every time…. Read more »

4:20 Flick: Watch Cannabis Treat Vets Suffering With PTSD

American forces have been fighting somewhere, almost continuously, since 1941. Hail Mary Jane asks why the government, who sent those soldiers into harm’s way, is reluctant to allow them to treat their all-too-common post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with the effective medicine of cannabis? Take a look. Hail Mary Jane thanks for this video. [image:… Read more »

ComplexCon 2016 Was What So Many Conventions WISH They Could Be

I first heard about ComplexCon a few months ago.  Being a former Complex employee, I knew that it was something I had to be a part of.  Complex has risen to be the media industry leader for all things cool including music, sports, fashion, art, and all types of lifestyles.  If you are under 40,… Read more »

MJ’s Book Look: Idiot’s Guide to Growing Marijuana

The Idiot’s Guide to Growing Marijuana, by Kevin Oliver and Chadd McKeen, is the book you want to read once you decide — even if it’s “someday” —  to grow your own.  As the pace of re-legalization picks up more and more people will cross that threshold.  This book is a good first read for… Read more »

Drug Testing for Marijuana

By Verdant Herbals Much of the world hasn’t fully realized the harmlessness nor embraced the benefits of marijuana. Government fueled propaganda campaigns and other movements of marijuana misinformation have had lasting effects that legislature has been slow to correct. One of the unfortunate results of past and present misinformation has been unprovoked and invasive drug… Read more »

Ganja Gifts: The Medical Marijuana Guidebook

This book is interesting and very informative. It is essential to the novice marijuana enthusiast or anyone with a passing interest in learning more about medicinal marijuana. It lists ailments and the ways in which cannabis helps with those issues. It lists each state and goes into details on the laws, limits, ID info and… Read more »