HMJ Classics:  “Blind Elders” Roll Call

HMJ Classics: “Blind Elders” Roll Call

Another installment from the "Blind Elders" series.   In a series called "Blind Elders," HMJ has been looking at all the times the truth about the cannabis plant was offered to, and refused by, those in power. Let's do a roll call:   1894, Indian Hemp Drugs Commission - "The Commission has come to the conclusion that the moderate use of hemp drugs is practically attended by no evil results at all." HMJ's story is HERE. 1925,...

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GroSkool 2.0:  Grow’em Big!

GroSkool 2.0: Grow’em Big!

It seems reasonably certain that in our re-legalized future home growing will be allowed.  For reasons never entirely clear, a six-plant-three-in-flower garden is becoming the standard.  Nevada's proposition for a twelve-plant-garden would be much easier to manage.  But, okay, six plants means when I flower them my girls have to be BIG.  Look here: The premise of the home grow is to be able to feed your own head, along with all heads...

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“End Prohibition Now” PSA

“End Prohibition Now” PSA

Moved by his home state of New Jersey’s harsh marijuana enforcement policies, Howard Bowler, President of the award-winning audio post/sound design studio HOBO, is spearheading a new TV, Radio and Internet PSA campaign to help affect change on this issue.   [image: Google images "Hobo Audio...

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GroSkool 2.0:  Troubleshooting Problems

GroSkool 2.0: Troubleshooting Problems

When you grow indoors under lights you assume the job of Mother Nature.  That's a big challenge.  Problems seldom show up in isolation.  Learn to see problems as markers on what you know and understand.  When problems show up don't get mad or discouraged -- get educated.   As a new grower be aware that problems may be well developed before you even notice them. Keep your efforts going and allow your understanding to get broader...

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GroSkool 2.0:  Lollipop Your Plants

GroSkool 2.0: Lollipop Your Plants

This topic caused a bit of a kerfuffle at the staff meeting the other day.  The debate centered on when to run this particular lesson.  This technique --  lollipopping -- is seen both before and after flowering has been initiated. When it comes to manipulating your plants, we suggest doing all your manipulations while the plant is in veg.  Let's see what lollipopping is and why it helps grow bigger buds.     Your plant...

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Stoned Girls – 7 Truly Terrifying Moments For Potheads
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