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16 Joints I Could Never Roll

The art of rolling a joint has become so advanced that it’s hard to be the one who “destroys” it, as the art becomes your remedy. So, since most of this rolled art probably didn’t last much longer than a day or two, I thought I’d feature some of the most creative joints I’ve seen […]

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Daily Joint: Valentine’s Day Heart Joint

Today’s daily joint is for this Friday’s Valentine’s Day. Roll your girl or man a joint shaped like a heart.

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Daily Joint: The Pink Floyd Blunt

I’m not a huge Pink Floyd. I’m not a Pink Floyd at all. I’ll listen to them at party or friends house, but I’m not willingly typing his name into Spotify. That doesn’t have anything to do with the incredible blunt. I’m enjoying these crazily rolled blunts.

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Daily Joint: Gun Blunt

Shooting THC straight to the dome.

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Daily Joint: What Would You Name This Blunt?

I’m not high enough to come up with a slick name for this rolled blunt.

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Daily Joint: Windmill Joint

This windmill joint gives you 4 times the hits with those 4 joints. This joint will surely blow you away.

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Greengo: The World’s Most Natural Smoke

In the age where cannabis decriminalisation is finally coming back to the forefront of American culture and tobacco use became the standard for which we compare it to, we would do well to look at the Netherlands and how they handle their own laws. Most US dwellers immediately associate “Amsterdam” with legal space cakes, cannabis […]

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Daily Joint: Jet Fighter Blunt

Talk about blasting off. I know, terrible pun. This blunt had to of smoked for a good hour or 3. That’s a lot of blunt wraps too.

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Daily Joint: Spongeglob Bluntpants

Tony GreenHand has rolled the most creative joints I have ever seen. How the hell does he do it? I’m just happy to roll a nice looking, evenly rolled joint. Then GreenHand is over here rolling Spongebob, Bull Head and Unicorn looking joints like it’s nothing. I salute you Mr. GreenHand on your skills.Check out […]

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Daily Joint: The Quadrajoint

If they added another one at the top, it would look like a Christmas tree joint. Put some wax at the top as a star and you’re set.

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