Event: Hitman Glass’ Chalice California Festival [Photos + Video Recap]

Event: Hitman Glass’ Chalice California Festival [Photos + Video Recap]

The first annual Hitman Glass Chalice California Festival commenced July 12-13, 2014 in San Bernardino, CA and everything a cannabis lover could want was there.

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HMJ On The Grind: Dizzy Wright Talks Indica vs Sativa, Why He Smokes & State of Mind Tour

Cool, calm, and collected; Dizzy Wright is by far one of the most chill artists I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing. We sparked it up backstage with the rising star on his State of Mind Tour and discussed everything from life philosophy to Mary Jane.

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16 Joints I Could Never Roll

The art of rolling a joint has become so advanced that it’s hard to be the one who “destroys” it, as the art becomes your remedy. So, since most of this rolled art probably didn’t last much longer than a day or two, I thought I’d feature some of the most creative joints I’ve seen […]

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Stoner Art: Honeybee Warlock Pendant Dab Art

The dab art scene is getting as insane as the dabbing scene itself.

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Picture: Pass With Care

Always pass with care, especially when marijuana is involved.

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U.S Snowboarder Sage Kotsenburg Gets “Stoked” before His Gold Medal Run

Sage was getting “stoked” in preparation for his slopestyle Olympic gold medal run.

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Picture: Blunted Dog

This has to be one of the coolest dogs from Greenie Krÿsten. She sent us a picture of her dog sporting an HMJ sticker yesterday.

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HMJ Has Been Hijacked By Cuteness

Shouts out to Greenie, Krysten for sending in this awesome picture of her dog snatching the HMJ sticker. She described the little guy in the email as a “little monster”; which I am sure he can probably be in person but one a photo the cuteness is overwhelming.

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Picture: USA Today Made Their Logo A Pot Leaf

You go USA Today! Keep the support going! Check out their site here to see it live.

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Picture: Will You Be My Valentine?

Won’t you be mine?

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