HMJ Has Been Hijacked By Cuteness

Shouts out to Greenie, Krysten for sending in this awesome picture of her dog snatching the HMJ sticker. She described the little guy in the email as a “little monster”; which I am sure he can probably be in person but one a photo the cuteness is overwhelming.

Picture: Will You Be My Valentine?

Won’t you be mine?

This Is Why Stoner Girls Are Keepers

This girl is definitely a keeper.

Stoner Art: Toasted Alive

Even the butter is straight toasted off some loud.

Daily Joint: Valentine’s Day Heart Joint

Today’s daily joint is for this Friday’s Valentine’s Day. Roll your girl or man a joint shaped like a heart.

Picture: Licking Marijuana Nugs Makes Me Uncomfortable

This makes me feel weird. I’ve seen buds that look so good that you just want to take a bite. But I, obviously know that doing that won’t get you high.

8 Rolling Papers From The 1970’s That Aren’t Around Today

These 8 rolling paper brands stem from the 1970’s. All of these papers brands have some unique names and designs.

Picture: Daily Joints

It’s a daily routine.

Picture: Marijuana Leaf Tattoo

i don’t think this tattoo comes close to this guys. But it is a very good looking one.

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