Product review: The M BOX

CLUB M by far is the best subscription delivery cannabis service I have ever seen. Where do I start, the presentation was just spectacular,  as if you are dining at a 5-star restaurant feeling more than satisfied. The products inside are definitely top notch, giving you nothing but the best. The exclusive feel of having Read more…

Duney KUSH releases “KUSH”

Duney KUSH recently released a brand new, 8-song project to smoke and vibe to called “KUSH.” This project is filled with catchy hooks, great concepts and an all-around great feel. So roll one up and take a listen.   [Image via: Duney KUSH]

Presenting the “Toker II”

Bongs come and go. Some live to a ripe old age, spreading joy and relief all throughout their lives. Others get left on the floor when playing video games, and follow the path of the bad guy from Terminator 2. The “Toker II,” however, is a different monster all together. Since its inception in the 1970s, The Read more…

Stoney Santa Suggestions

This is a very “cool” idea, pardon the pun.   So, if you were wondering what to get that special stoney someone . . .

Stoner Art: Trippy Smoke Chick

Here is a picture that I found on Instagram today that’s really awesome. It’s a stoner art tribute from an artist to a fan of his who loves weed. I think it’s really awesome. If you want to follow them the artist is @trevolution_art and the follower is @dankdalia. 

Mask of Moldauthein

It’s for dabs.  The price tag is $6500.00.  Does it come in any other colors?   You wear it while using it. Original post is HERE. [image: Google images “mask of moldauthein”]

Get It?

Any thoughts?  In the comments, please.   If anyone knows where to get this shirt, please share.

16 Joints I Could Never Roll

The art of rolling a joint has become so advanced that it’s hard to be the one who “destroys” it, as the art becomes your remedy. So, since most of this rolled art probably didn’t last much longer than a day or two, I thought I’d feature some of the most creative joints I’ve seen Read more…

Stoner Art: Honeybee Warlock Pendant Dab Art

The dab art scene is getting as insane as the dabbing scene itself.

Stoner Art: Toasted Alive

Even the butter is straight toasted off some loud.

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