#STUCK – Purple Lotus

Here is a sick show of a blunt prior to it being rolled with an HMJ sticker in the cut. Get your FREE stickers here!

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#STUCK – 9/20 – Loaded in Las Vegas

This week’s #STUCK comes from a Hardcore Greenie that loves HailMaryJane.com and doesn’t mind spreading the good word! I’ll keep their identity anonymous because we want them out and about and slap tagging the Greenie Love! You know who you are and you fucking ROCK! This slap tag is from the City that never sleeps…Stoney […]

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#STUCK – 8/26 With Curren$y

Today’s #STUCK comes from #RTB Rock The Bells in San Bernadino, Cali that kicked off last weekend. HMJ caught up with Curren$y backstage after his set Saturday. All of us at HMJ LOVE Curren$y so Greenies stay tuned for a video shoutout with him soon!

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Andrew DeAngelo

#STUCK 7/1 New Beginnings

It’s hard to believe that it’s the first day of July already! Summer is definitely here which means taking time for yourself, discovering new and exciting people, places and things to appreciate. Hopefully you’ve been granted a nice long weekend to enjoy the things you like the most. For Andrew DeAngelo, the GM of Harborside […]

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Check out one of our favorite strains, Big Buddha Cheese from Gorilla Seed Bank. Discreet delivery and free seeds with every order.


#STUCK 5/31 – Subliminal

What words can you spell out within the eyechart? “STUCK” Is a bi-weekly feature where I post YOUR Stuck HMJ Stickers! Don’t have stickers? They’re FREE and you can get them HERE or find any HMJ staff at the events to get them directly. Email me at: Doodette420@HailMaryJane.com  your stuck HMJ sticker pics to be […]

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Good Vibes

STUCK 5/28 Good Vibes

Today #STUC was sent in by HMJ’s awesome Greenie and performer Noa James. If you don’t know Noa …why not? Now a member of Black Cloud Music, a independent Inland Empire based music label, Noa along with 9 other like minded and passionate artist are breaking the mold and starting a musical movement that is […]

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STUCK 5/17 - Day Dreamin

STUCK 5/17 – Day Dreamin

Today #STUCK pic was sent in by a Greenie named Miles. They didn’t leave any other info to share other than they love Hail Mary Jane! We love you right back Miles! Keep it green! “STUCK” Is a bi-weekly feature where I post YOUR Stuck HMJ Stickers! Don’t have stickers? They’re FREE and you can […]

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#STUCK 5/10 Celebs

#STUCK – 5/10 With Celebs

A man about town, our fearless Leader Lenny caught up with Celeb Stoner  Steve Bloom at a recent Cannabis event. As HMJ grows, we will be covering more and more events. We are always working on getting tickets to give away for YOU – THE GREENIES! Stay tuned and check out our online event calendar below! […]

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#STUCK 5/3 – Occupied

This week’s #STUCK sent in anonymously from someone going here and there from the lovely town of Oakland! Hail Mary Jane looks good on you! Thanks Greenies for being beautiful!

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stuck 4/26 - chromes

#STUCK 4/26 – ‘Chromes

Today’s #STUCK was sent in by @SoCal_Dabber420 of some absolutely beautiful, fuzzy, trichrome-laden BananaOG. Before you ask, of course it’s from Cali! I got to meet and dab with @SoCal_Dabber420 on 4/20 this year! Awesome Greenie to follow on Twitter! On 4/20, we we went head to head on dabs…did we wind up calling it a […]

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