Dr. Who Addresses Our Future

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Parents & Kids Smoke Weed . . . Together

Deuce – Other People’s Shit (Mixtape)

Shout out to the homey, Deuce Stacks, who dropped his first solo album this month. Check his thoughts and opinions on it and stream the project below. “other people’s shit: the mixtape” the first solo effort from Los Angeles, California native Deuce of “thewillchair”. A true mixtape in the mold of Lil Wayne’s ‘Squad Up’ Read more…

Judging Weed By Smell Without Combustion

Thought you might find this enlightening.  Enjoy.     Visit the Trichome Institute   [image: Trichome Institute, cannabis health — Many thanks & thinks from HMJ]

Video: Scotty ATL Debuts New Cannabis Strain In Colorado

We told you about our homey Scotty ATL coming out with his new cannabis strain, Cloud IX, last month. Here is some video footage from the event. He worked as a bud tender and did a meet and greet with his fans in Colorado.

Scotty ATL set to Launch his new Cannabis Strain this weekend In Colorado!

Shouts out to the homie Scotty ATL who I had to privilege to meet and chop it up with recently.  I will be releasing some footage from that soon.  He is starting a new cannabis line available in Colorado that is launching this weekend! The Dab Co by Next Harvest Presents .. A Meet & Read more…

MJ’s Book Look: Marijuana Edibles, 40 Desserts

In the profusion of books on cannabis edibles here’s a new entry:  Marijuana Edibles — 40 Easy and Delicious Cannabis-Infused Desserts, from the owners of “Laurie & MaryJane.”  The volume opens with “The Basics,” covering the expected and necessary topics like calibrating infusions, how to decarboxylate bud, the role of terpenes and making single serving Read more…

4:20 Flick: Watch Cannabis Treat Vets Suffering With PTSD

American forces have been fighting somewhere, almost continuously, since 1941. Hail Mary Jane asks why the government, who sent those soldiers into harm’s way, is reluctant to allow them to treat their all-too-common post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with the effective medicine of cannabis? Take a look. Hail Mary Jane thanks Cut.com for this video. [image: Read more…

MJ’s Book Look: Idiot’s Guide to Growing Marijuana

The Idiot’s Guide to Growing Marijuana, by Kevin Oliver and Chadd McKeen, is the book you want to read once you decide — even if it’s “someday” —  to grow your own.  As the pace of re-legalization picks up more and more people will cross that threshold.  This book is a good first read for Read more…

shopHIGHTIMES presents: Popaganja Cannabis Bodega With Ron English

[images via Erick Michael Media] It is a fact that we are currently living in the most exciting time in the history of cannabis. For every ounce of energy put towards continuing the impractical process of pot prohibition, the effort to bring about reform is returned doubly. For an inspiring (and quite daring) public installation, Read more…

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