Sara Malakul Lane Ramen Gallery

I used to live on Ramen noodles. I was a master at creating different recipes and different styles. When I was sent this awesome gallery I had to post it. The photos were taken by headhuntr and they were posted on galore mag.

Gallery: Vaping Discreetly Can Be Sexier Than You Think

When I first started it was based off of that article that I read and complex magazine that was about a blog called The blog is very big and I have since created a relationship with the homey Jesus who runs it. He doesn’t really smoke like that on his own but he Read more…

Music: iRAWniQ – Smoke That Loud ft. Frezh x No One Said It Would Be Easy (Video)

iRAWniQ is a young female artist originally from Michigan now residing in California, smoking that loud and taking the internet by storm.

Lauren Hanley Could Get It

Miss COED of the year went to Lauren Hanley for 2014.

Rosalind Lipsett Could Get It

Rosalind Lipsett is an Irish Goddess, who is based in Los Angeles, that was recently recently shot in a Frankie’s Bikini for FHM Netherlands. Gallery included.

2/24/14/ Mary Jane Of The Moment

Thanks to Ashely for sending this in via our HMJ Facebook. Bong smoke is my favorite smoke.

2/24/14/ Mary Jane Of The Moment

Thanks to Lindsay for sending this in via our HMJ Facebook.

2/17/14 Mary Jane Of The Moment

Thanks to Kiwii for messaging our Facebook her picture for Mary Jane Of The Moment. “Mary Jane Of The Moment” is a feature where I will show you a new cute chick with weed every single day because who doesn’t love hot girls and weed? If you have a pic or you want to be Read more…

2/7/2014 Mary Jane Of The Moment

Sometimes you have to use a beer can as a bowl to smoke your weed. It be like that sometimes.

1/30/14 Mary Jane Of The Moment

Todays Mary Jane of the Moment is not smoking but I have a feeling you guys won’t care. Her name is Leah Maree and she is a Penthouse Pet for February 2014 and I must say, I appreciate their selection. I found these pics of her in weed pants on her instagram. Make sure to Read more…

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